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Good knives are indispensable in any kitchen. But which knives do you need? At Cookinglife, we ​​have a wide range of blades for both the novice cook and the advanced and professional chef.

A knife has three main components - the blade, guard and handle. These components change per brand and sometimes per series. The same goes for the hardness of steel. Each brand uses a different type of steel, which is indicated by an HRC or Rockwell value. The higher this value, the harder the blade steel and the sharper the edge.

Would you like more information about the steel that our knife brands use? On our information page, you will find a detailed explanation about the types of knife steel that we offer at Cookinglife.

Buy Knives

Before you buy your selection of knives, you should carefully consider what you want to use the knives for. The chef's knife is the most common and is often used for cutting large quantities of vegetables, fruit or meat. At Cookinglife you will find chef's knives with blades between 14 cm and 36 cm.

The Japanese chef's knife, also called Santoku knife, is a slightly smaller knife that is used for the same purposes. The blade has dimples to prevent food from sticking as quickly. For smaller cutting tasks, the utility knives and paring knives are a perfect solution.

Do you often cut food with a hard crust? For these products, bread knives are the right solution. Cutting a melon or baguette is effortless with the serrations of the bread knife. Do you want to cut more precisely for a straighter cut? Then buy the bread knives with a double serrated. Compose your selection of knives and view all our kitchen knives.

Knife blocks & Knife sets

Are you looking for a new set of knives? Choose an affordable knife set or buy your kitchen knives in & one of our knife blocks. By using a knife block, you protect your blades against damage on the cutting surface. The Richardson Sheffield brand offers a wide range of knife blocks with knives and knife blocks without knives.

Another way to avoid danger in the kitchen drawer is to use a knife magnet. This extends the life and is safer. If you still want to store your knife in the kitchen drawer, use a knife protector.

Wusthof & Diamond Sabatier Knives

In the full range of Cookinglife knives, you will find all the knives you need in the kitchen. Are you a real knife collector? Even then, you will always find the right knife at Cookinglife. Quality brands such as Wusthof and Diamant Sabatier offer, in addition to the standard kitchen knives, also many (small) handy blades for the more delicate cutting tasks in the kitchen.

Catering Knives

German brand Diamant Sabatier also has its catering line. The Diamant Sabatier Forgé series is an extensive series with both standard and precise knives. In this series, you can buy the blades individually, in a set or even in a knife block. Check out our Diamant Sabatier Forgé series.

Sharpening steel & Knife sharpeners

Aftercare is essential to maintain conditionally good knives. Many knives are dishwasher safe. We recommend that you always clean your blades by hand for the longest possible lifespan. In addition to cleaning, keeping your knives sharp is a must. Nothing is more annoying than cutting with a dull knife.

To keep your knives sharp, you can use a sharpening steel or knife sharpener. With sharpening steel, you can straighten the burrs that have formed. Over time, the edge becomes less and less sharp. For this, you use a knife sharpener or sharpening steel with a diamond coating. View all our products for knife maintenance to optimally maintain your knives.