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Salad Spinners

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Salad Spinners

With a Cookinglife salad spinner, you can quickly dry your washed lettuce for a healthy salad. It is sometimes forgotten, but washing your fresh lettuce is essential when you want to be sure of a salad that is free of sand and mud. If, after washing, you want the salad on the table quickly, dry the lettuce quickly and easily with the salad spinner. Most of our salad spinners are made of plastic and have different diameters of, for example, 24 or 30 centimetres.


Especially in combination with ingredients such as oil and vinegar, too much moisture adversely affects the taste of a salad. The pendulum uses the centrifugal force. The rotational movement pushes the water out so that it can quickly drain through the porous bowl of the salad crank. Your lettuce will stay not only dry, but also nice and crispy.

Salad dryer

Cookinglife has a wide range with, besides a salad dryer, various other accessories for serving your salads such as salad cutlery and salad bowls. Would you like to garnish your guests' appetizers with a lettuce leaf? Then you can dry this easily and quickly with a Cookinglife salad dryer. You can also order these as a complete set, including cutting attributes. This will save you money, and your salads will be ready even faster! Together with your new salad dryer, you can also order handy chopping boards from us. And do you want to compose and serve your salad in a creative way? Then our vegetable cutters.

Buy a salad spinner

Cookinglife has a wide range of salad spinners. If you regularly prepare a quick fresh salad as a side dish for the whole family, then the salad spinners with a diameter of 25 to 30 cm are the perfect kitchen helper for you. And for a quick and healthy lunch, you can easily dry a small amount of fresh lettuce with Cookinglife's smaller salad spinners.

Using a salad spinner

The salad spinner is very easy to use. When you have cut and washed your lettuce, fill the basket of the salad spinner with the wet lettuce. When the lid is on the bowl, rotate the basket with the handle to spin the lettuce. This way, you have a dry fresh salad in no time. Now all you have to do is add fresh ingredients by cutting them, peeling, or grating. And add fresh herbs, of course. Cookinglife also offers one-button salad spinners with even less effort!

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