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Vegetable Cutter

A vegetable slicer is a huge time saver. Really a godsend when you want to quickly cut some vegetables in between for a delicious salad. No more hassle with knives and cutting boards. You put the vegetables in the vegetable slicer and they are ready for use within seconds.

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Vegetable Cutter

With a vegetable cutter, you can cut the most diverse vegetables in an instant. For example, you can quickly make a simple vegetable soup. Cookinglife offers you a wide choice, ranging from a simple attachment for cutting potatoes and onions to universal vegetable slicers that can cut and grate almost anything. Would you like to make spaghetti from an ingredient other than pasta? With the spiral cutter, you can easily make zucchini spaghetti, for example!

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You can use a vegetable cutter for various purposes. The simpler vegetable cutters, such as the Wilesco vegetable cutter, are incredibly suitable for simple operations such as slicing tomatoes and potatoes. You can also opt for a special onion cutter. Before the tears come, your onions are already in the pan!

You can also make the tastiest chips all by yourself. For this, you can buy your own chips cutter at Cookinglife. Garlic quickly and efficiently gets you to a pulp with a high-quality garlic press.

When you choose a universal vegetable slicer, you can cut many different vegetables. It has various attachments, which you can easily place or replace with another attachment.


You can make the most delicious salads with slices of equal size. The mandoline is the perfect kitchen assistant that is available in many forms, with and without attachments. The cutting edge has the shape of a grater and ensures wafer-thin slices. This is useful, for example, if you want to make an over dish from potato and want to shorten the time in the oven. With a mandoline, you can put that delicious gratin dauphinoise on the table in no time!

Using vegetable cutters

All Cookinglife vegetable cutters are easy to use and easy to clean. When it is difficult for you to apply force, the Westmark vegetable cutter is a solution. The merry-go-round takes away all the heavy lifting.

Cookinglife ensures fast delivery. Is the vegetable cutter in stock? This is indicated per product on the page when it will be delivered to your home.

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