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Emile Henry

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Emile Henry

Emile Henry is known for fantastic cooking products, from pans to stews, tagines and baking dishes. The Emile Henry brand has been around since 1850 and originated in France. Emile Henry's pottery is still made in a workshop in Bourgondi made.

Emile Henry artisan

All pottery products are traditionally made but fully comply with international quality standards. The Emile Henry products are therefore very suitable for both the hobby chef and the professional. Emily Henry has its roots in Marcigny (France) since 1850 and is inspired by Bourgondi with its excellent food and refined wines. Emily Henry is also inspired by the French way of life, where a lot of time is spent preparing and cooking delicious dishes from her kitchen. All these images have been incorporated in subtle colours in the new range.

Different Colours from Emile Henry

Colour is a matter of taste. Emily Henry has decided to launch his favourite products in seven new colours, inspired by her history, wishes and dreams. Much of this inspiration comes from Emily Henry's love for ceramics, from working with earth and fire. We have selected the most popular colours for you out of the seven colours.

Emile Henry Assortment

At Cookinglife we ​​offer a wide range of all kinds of Emile Henry products. For example, you can bake bread with the Emile Henry bread baking tins, cooking with Emile Henry tagines or casseroles and serve you these delicious dishes on the Emily Henry tableware.

Emile Henry Grand Cru (red)

Burgundy summarized in everything. With the colour Grand Cru (red), Emile Henry has created a beautiful, warm colour. With the particular bread baking ball 'Le Pan' you can go all the way on the French Tour. Make your bread and taste Bourgondi.

Emile Henry Fusain (black)

The colour Fusain is a mix of charcoal black with a mysterious shine. The colour is derived from the idea of ​​a pencil sketch. The idea that the pencil touches the paper and draws the first lines of a new design. The elegant, mysterious shine makes the colour and real eye-catcher on your table.

Emile Henry Chene (brown)

In addition to the above colours, the colour Chene is also a beautiful colour for your table. The colour, derived from the noble and old material oak, is a raw colour that exudes unique and inspiring tones. Because many houses with wood-coloured interiors are nowadays composed, the Emile Henry Chene products complete the picture.

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