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Wine glasses, beer glasses and carafes

Schott Zwiesel

The glasses from Schott Zwiesel are a true must have for anyone who loves to treat themselves or others. Enjoy a perfect design and clear glass that makes your wine, champagne or cocktail literally sparkle. All glasses are made of Tritan crystal glass, which makes the glasses incredibly clear and resistant to chipping or breaking. Cookinglife recently introduced a wide range of Schott Zwiesel glasses. From modern cocktail glasses to elegant wine glasses, there is something for everyone!

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Schott Zwiesel


For making and serving the perfect drinks, Cookinglife is the perfect place to be. Make your own cocktail with a cocktail shaker and other cocktail accessories. Serve your wine in a stylish wine cooler and pour it accordingly in a beautiful wine glass. Choose the fitting glass for that special craft beer. At Cookinglife, we have a wide assortment of glassware that will surely make your drinks look, taste, and feel better. 

Making Cocktails

Make your own cocktails? For a delicious tropical cocktail, you won't need to leave your home! Order your professional Cocktail Shaker at our webshop. Along with making cocktails, we also have an extensive collection of Cocktail Supplies in our assortment. This will allow you to not only make cocktails, but also provide a beautifully dressed cocktail. Think of an ice block maker for a delicious cold drink, mashers, or reusable straws. Pour it in one of our Cocktail Glasses and your tropical party is complete! 

Wine Glasses & Wine Accessories

Anyone who enjoys a glass of will find something for them in the extensive wine glasses and accessories collection at Cookinglife. We have every shape, size, and brand of wine glass in our assortment. Did you know every type of wine has its own wine glass? The natural aromas of wine are enhanced when poured into its matching glass. Along with wine glasses such as red wine glasses and white wine glasses, we also have many wine accessories in our assortment! Keep your white wine cool with a wine cooler. Would you rather keep your wine fresh for longer by not uncorking it? Then the Coravin Wine System is a perfect solution! You clamp the wine tap of the wine system around your wine bottle and press it down. A needle will then pass through the cork where no oxygen can reach. Ready? Pour it! Didn't get the bottle empty? After removing the wine system, the cork will close by itself. If you prefer to uncork the wine bottle with a corkscrew, a Wine Stopper or Wine Pump offers the solution if you cannot empty the wine bottle. Surprise a wine lover with one of our wine accessories as a gift. At Cookinglife we have everything to make your wine moment perfect! 


Buy Beer Glasses

Do you love craft beer and like to serve or drink it in a special glass? View our assortment of Speciality Beer Glasses. Along with those, you will find a wide variety of beer glasses in our webshop. For the well-known beers, we have officially licensed branded beer glasses in our assortment. Would you prefer a blank beer glass without any branding or art work? Take a look at our Blanco Beer Glass assortment. Our wide variety of beer glasses has something for everyone. Is there too much to choose from? We went ahead and organized a list of our Top 20 Beer Glasses to help you make a choice. Have you made a choice? You can easily buy our beer glasses in our online store, and before you know it, you are already sitting with a nice cold beer glass in your hand.

Leonardo Glassware

When you think of glass, you think of Leonardo. The German brand Leonardo is made with passion and perfection by experts. The different collections from Leonardo Glassware are easy to mix-and-match. Whatever glass you decide, you can always expect good quality. With the Leonardo Glassware fits every lifestyle. Upgrade your wine, coffee or tea with the Leonardo Glassware! Do you like matching glassware? Then check out our Leonardo Collections for more beautiful products!

Buy Glassware

Buying new glassware gives your wine, cocktail or beer a major upgrade. Luckily, you can easily upgrade your glassware at Cookinglife. By choosing the perfect glassware to match your type of wine or beer, the drinks come out better. Not only will the taste of your drink be better, it will also create a restaurant-worthy atmosphere. For the famous brands of glassware that you will find in the hospitality industry, you can also contact us. Think of brands such as Royal Leerdam, Schott Zwiesel, Chef & Sommelier, and Riedel. Would you like to buy glassware and have it personalized for a gift or for your company? At Cookinglife it is possible to get your glassware printed. Click here for more information. Choose and buy your glassware from a wide range and experience the benefits of a glassware upgrade yourself! 

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