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Whiskey Glasses

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Whiskey Glasses

You might be asking yourself, surely whiskey can be served in any old glasses? Well, yes, technically that is true. Nevertheless, speak to a true whiskey connoisseur, and they will tell you how essential real whiskey glasses are to the full whiskey drinking experience. Not only do whiskey glasses elevate the whiskey drinking experience aesthetically, but these glasses also significantly enhance the whiskey’s flavour and aromas.

What are the best whiskey glasses?

As with most things, deciding which are the best whiskey glasses for you is completely down to your personal taste. Some prefer their whiskey glasses a little heavier with thicker, cut glass, such as a whiskey tumbler. However, others like to drink their whiskey from thinner, more delicate whiskey glasses, like the Glencairn or tulip whiskey glass. A popular choice are the Jay Hill whiskey glasses, which come in sets of two and four with beautiful cut glass designs.

Whiskey Tumbler

The classic whiskey tumbler first emerged in the 17th century and has remained a favourite among whiskey drinkers ever since. With its heavy base, the whiskey tumbler is admired for its stability, as well as its clean and stylish appearance. Many also enjoy the solid feel to the whiskey tumbler when holding it in their hand, especially when accompanied by the gentle clinks of a couple of whiskey stones. Of course, not only whiskey can be served in a whiskey tumbler. These glasses are also highly popular for serving cocktails as the wide rim of a whiskey tumbler means it can easily be filled with ice, fruit and herbs.

Whisky Glasses

Whisky glasses are a priceless addition to your glassware collection. Multifunctional, long-lasting and a real statement piece, whisky glasses come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each one meant to provide the perfect whisky drinking experience. At Cookinglife you can also buy a whiskey decanter to acompany your new whisky glasses - Sareva Whiskey Decanter is a popular choice. Whether you are a long-time lover or fresh to the whisky scene, a set of high-quality, reliable whisky glasses will add a level of sophistication and style to any drink.

Whiskey Glass Set

If you enjoy hosting dinner parties or whiskey tasting evenings, then individual whiskey glasses probably aren’t going to suffice. A whiskey glass set makes the perfect gift for a loved one or even for yourself! Several brands, including Nachtmann, Bormioli and Schott Zwiesel offer beautiful whiskey glass sets. At Cookinglife, you can even order a beautiful whiskey glass gift set complete with whiskey glasses and an accompanying whiskey decanter to make the drinking experience that little more stylish.

Where to buy whisky glasses?

You can order your whiskey glasses quickly and easily online at! We have a wide selection of both high-end and more affordable whiskey glasses, so there really is something for every whiskey lover! Discover which whiskey glasses suit you best and order them online today with our quick and reliable delivery service. All orders over €75 qualify for free delivery, and buy now pay later is also possible! Discover the perfect whiskey glasses today at!

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