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The Italian brand Bormioli Rocco has been making high-quality design glassware since 1825. The plates, tableware and mason jars are sturdy and lightweight. Also, for Bormioli Rocco food storage containers, you have come to the right place at Cookinglife. View our extensive collection and easily order your glasses and tableware online.

Bormioli Rocco glass

Bormioli Rocco glass is known for its high-quality. This quality applies not only to the glasses but also to lightweight white glass plates that are very sturdy, such as Bormioli pizza plates. These are also suitable for the oven, the microwave and the dishwasher. Even after frequent use, the Bormioli glasses keep the luxurious shine. In addition to drinks, you will also find Bormioli ice cream glasses for your perfect ice cream creation!

Bormioli Rocco Fido

You keep ingredients fresh for longer in the traditional storage jars of Bormioli Rocco from the Fido collection. This freshness is possible due to the rubber ring with which you can quickly seal the pot airtight. The Bormioli mason jars are available in many different sizes. The options for storing vegetables, fruits and other food are endless. You can learn to preserve with the versatile quality preserving jars from Bormioli Fido. Because you save ingredients longer, you can easily buy them plentiful and cheap. You will also find stylish Bormioli storage jars that perfectly match the mason jars.

Bormioli Rocco Diamond

With the Bormioli Rocco glasses from the Diamond collection, you can add a nice twist to any table. The unique graceful design is a trendy addition to an elegantly laid out table. The glassware from the Diamond collection complements each other well. Also, dare to experiment with multiple colours! View the entire Bormioli collection for even more combinations. The elegance with a twist makes the Bormioli Rocco Diamond glasses perfect for any table setting!

Bormioli Rocco carafe

A Bormioli Rocco carafe is ideal when visitors come by. Are you going for colourful, elegant or do you prefer something more discreet? A Bormioli Rocco carafe is available in various designs. Each carafe is robust and uses very sturdy quality glass that can is suitable for use in the dishwasher. The Bormioli Rocco carafes are shock resistant and therefore lasts longer. This glass stylishly combines contemporary design with very high quality. Our Bormioli Rocco Swing top bottles are a playful version of the carafe. You can easily order them online at Cookinglife!

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