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Wham Cook PushPan

Imagine a loose-bottomed baking pan that is completely watertight and leak-proof, and makes baking easier than ever. The Wham Cook PushPan is an innovation that seems too good to be true, until you try it! The loose base ensures that your baking leaves the pan easily. Thanks to the silicone ring, the tin is completely leak-proof. Home baking has never been so easy.

The PushPan collection of Wham Cook expands your baking collection with baking pans that you can use for all your baking needs. The aluminium moulds will last a lifetime and become a must-have for your kitchen. Which new cake or pie recipe will you bake first?

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Wham Cook PushPan

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Do you like to bake the most delicious recipes in your spare time? Or are you a professional baker and looking for useful baking supplies? On this page you will find everything related to baking the most delicious cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and muffins! 

To make baking at home a lot easier for the professional or starting baker, there are several handy baking supplies available. From cake tins to baking beans, Cookinglife has something for everyone.

Muffin baking accessories

In our baking supplies webshop, you will find everything you need for all your baking needs. You start your journey at Cookinglife with an accurate kitchen scale to weight your ingredients and you end up with delicious muffins, made in a muffin tin. 

And for everything in between? At Cookinglife you are also at the right place for all baking supplies. You will find various handy brushes for greasing your cake tins. Tou will also find different sizes of whisks to batter your eggs, and a reliable measuring cup to add the right amount of milk and water to your mixing bowl. A multifunctional silicone baking mat also comes in handy as it can also be asked as baking paper. To add the finishing touch to your baked goods, you can easily purchase a glazing knife. Furthermore, take a look at our other baking accessories for more useful tools in the kitchen. 

Baking tins

In our range of baking supplies, you will find various tins and moulds to literally give shape to your recipes. For baking sweet and savoury pies, you will find round and square springforms. These are of high quality and contribute to a perfect result. We also have various rolling pins and cake pans in different designs to make beautiful and special cakes and tarts. Do you prefer to eat bread from your own oven? Then you can't do so without one of the bread bins available at Cookinglife.

Create the most delicious biscuits with our various cake cutters. The cheerfully coloured cupcake moulds at Cookinglife.eu are extremely handy for making festive treats. Also with the help of our ingenious Marcato biscuit maker you will give your guests something to feast on. And yourself too, of course! 

In addition to these extremely handy and beautiful moulds, we also have special moulds for puddings. Finish off your dinner festively with a traditional pudding made in a mould. 

As the icing on the cake, the whipped cream nozzles allow you to make deviously firm whipped cream, as you would get in the catering industry. 

Buy baking accessories online

There are so many delicious things to make with the baking utensils from our cooking web shop! Cookinglife also has a fantastic accessories and sets that are ideal for gifts. With our extensive baking sets, everyone is able to make the most delicious dishes. Even the smallest among us will be able to fully enjoy a set especially designed for them. Order your baking supplies online at Cookinglife.eu. You will not only benefit from competitive prices, but we also offer lightning fast delivery. Do you have a question about one of our products? Please don't hesitate to contact us! 

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