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Pudding Basins

A pudding basin is a baking tin especially for pudding and other desserts. They are available in different forms with different content. The materials that are often used are aluminium, stainless steel, plastic and ceramics.

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Pudding Basins

A pudding mould is ideal for a party but also fun for the kitchen! In our range, you will find various shapes to make the best creations. So make a party of every dessert with the pudding moulds from Cookinglife.nl!

Pudding mould

With the use of a pudding pan, you can festively serve your pudding. No shape is too crazy with our range of pudding basins. This is how you make the best creations! You no longer have to go to the store, but you can now easily make pudding moulds in your kitchen. For someone who likes to stand in the kitchen and make desserts, a pudding mould is also a lovely gift.

Pudding basins

Pudding basins are ideal for parties, but also great for in the kitchen! The pudding moulds are available in different materials. Cookinglife has silicone, plastic, ceramic and aluminium. The moulds are easy to clean due to the smooth surface. Cosy & Trendy offers ceramic pudding moulds and are known for their combination of ease of use and attractive designs.

Buy pudding mould

Cookinglife offers a wide range of pudding shapes. Are you looking for a beautiful gift or do you want to get started in the kitchen? Making desserts has never been more fun than with these pudding moulds! If you have any questions about this item, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Using pudding mould

If you rub the warm pudding tin with butter or salad oil before use, it is easier to remove the dish. For best results, first, let the contents of the mould set in the refrigerator for a while. Then run a knife along the top edge of the pudding mould content and immerse it briefly in hot water, so the dish can easily be placed on a plate.

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