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Rolling Pins

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Rolling Pins

A rolling pin is a perfect tool for rolling out your dough. By using a rolling pin you exert a lot of pressure on the dough, making it flatten quickly. Modern rolling pins are often equipped with a non-stick coating or adjustable rings.

The old trusted rolling pin is indispensable in every kitchen and is used to roll dough evenly flat. Traditionally, this instrument is made of wood, but stainless steel or plastic ones are also available. Cookinglife has rolling pins in various sizes, dimensions, designs and materials. This makes our rolling pins suitable for hobby and professional use. At Cookinglife, you can choose from models from various brands. For example, we have special rolling pins with an anti-stick coating, so that dough no longer sticks to your rolling pin. Patisse has sturdy non-stick models that are easy to clean.

Silicone rolling pin

The silicone rolling pin is trendy among the rolling pins. A silicone rolling pin keeps the dough from sticking to your rolling pin. In our range, you will find silicone rolling pins from, among others, Cosy & Trendy and Patisse. The rolling pin of Cosy & Trendy is made of wood and has a silicone layer, which gives you a good grip but also makes it easy to roll your dough. In addition to the standard rolling pin, we have a unique Dutch "speculaas" roller for the enthusiast. You can now make your spiced cookies with no fewer than seven different shapes.

Buy a rolling pin?

The rolling pin is an old kitchen utensil that is indispensable in any kitchen. With us, you can choose from various rolling pins for hobby and professional use. Look no further and buy your rolling pin and speculaas roller online at Cookinglife!

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