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Piping Bags

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Piping Bags

An indispensable accessory for every home baker is a proper piping bag. This cone is not only used for decorating cakes with buttercream or ganache, but also for decorating cheerful cupcakes. Likewise, filling profiteroles, macarons, and slippers can be done faster with the help of a piping bag. It is also possible to use various fillings such as buttercream, pastry cream, bavarois and Swiss cream in a cone. It does not matter what you want to decorate, because, with the help of a proper piping bag, it all works!

Patisse Pastry bag

The Dutch brand Patisse has been around for more than forty years. During that time, the brand has developed into a worldwide manufacturer of baking tins as well as baking accessories for the home baker. As a result, Patisse offers a wide range of baking utensils for general and specific baking preparations. Because quality is of paramount importance to this brand, a Patisse piping bag is highly recommended! Thanks to this cone, you can decorate cakes or cakes quickly and straightforwardly. The piping bag of this brand is also made of various materials such as cotton, nylon or plastic so that there is a perfect item for every home baker. With a Patisse piping bag, you are always assured of the best quality!

One Way Pastry Bag

Are you a real fan of decorating desserts and cakes? Then choose a One Way piping bag! This piping bag is ideal for the most beautiful finishes of your artworks. This piping bag has an extremely flexible and grippy multi-layer foil in combination with a closable nozzle. The One Way piping bag is suitable for both professional and non-professional use. The One Way piping bag guarantees efficiency in the kitchen and optimal food safety.

Piping bags Catering

In addition to piping bags for real home bakers, we also offer piping bags for professional use! These decorating bags are hygienic and food safe. Also, they have a handy anti-slip, which makes operation easy, even with wet or greasy hands. These piping bags are suitable for both cold and warm fillings. You can also easily stock the decorating kits. They can already be ordered from no less than 72 pieces!

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