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Cake Stands

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Cake Stands

Do you want to present your homemade cake beautifully and keep it in good shape? Then the cake trays are the solution! You can easily place cakes or other snacks on this. Because you present the cake in a raised position, it gets the attention you have put into it! You can also easily store the treats in the refrigerator. To keep your pastry and cake extra fresh, cake trays with lid and bell jar are available. Also, Cookinglife offers various tableware sets with which you can hand out the cake in an elegant way! Don't forget to take a quick look at our cutlery for a beautiful cake slice.

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Do you have something to celebrate soon? Then the glass cake tray on foot is an indispensable item for your table! It does not matter whether you have a birthday, high tea or a wedding soon, because thanks to our broad assortment, there is always a perfect cake platter. There are, for example, stone, glass and metal variants. In addition to the serving cake, the glass cake tray on foot can also be used for both meat products and different types of cheeses. Do you prefer a platter for serving snacks? Then take a look at our assortment of trays! Also, view our range of cake dome products.

Cake plate plastic

The plates are made of plastic and therefore last a long time. In addition to a cake, you can also place other pastries on the cake tray, among other things. It is rectangular instead of round. For extra freshness and especially a luxurious appearance, you can order an extra bell jar. A bell jar keeps your cake and pastry fresh and exudes luxury.

Do you have a big party and do you have to distribute a lot of cake? This is possible due to the multi-plateau standards. This allows you to place three or even four cakes at the same time. Of course, it is also possible to use them for other snacks. This makes eating a cake a real celebration! To add more atmosphere to the occasion, you can not only buy a cake platter from us but also buy beautiful cake forks.

The perfect tool for a stylish presentation of cakes is surely a revolving cake stand. This practical kitchen utensil is used daily by pastry chefs in various bakeries and is also particularly suitable for home use. After decorating, you can serve your delicious cake to your guests. The revolving cake stand is also ideal for serving different types of cheeses as well as sauces during fondue or gourmet. Of course, you can also use one of our beautiful trays.

Rotatable cake stand on a foot

Are you planning to make a delicious cream pie? Then the rotatable cake stand on foot is ideal for you! With these beautiful kitchen utensils, you can decorate and serve your cream cake with ease. At Cookinglife you can choose from different types of cake stands. These are available in stylish glass and stone versions. It does not matter what kind of plateau you are looking for, because with the extensive range of Cookinglife there is something for everyone. Please take a look at our range of springforms to give your cake a friendly round or square shape.

Rotatable cake stand at Cookinglife

Make your creation stand out even more with the help of a rotating cake stand at Cookinglife. In addition to the cake trays, Cookinglife also has a large assortment of cake domes. You can easily store your cake in it and keep it optimally fresh. A true must-have for the real cake lover is one of the cake trays from Cookinglife. They are available on a foot, rotatable and as a serving dish. Order today easily and quickly!

Cake Etagere 3-layers

For a broader audience, the 3-layer cake etagere guarantees a successful party. Whether it's an anniversary or wedding, at Cookinglife, you will find three-layer cake etagere for every occasion. You can store many pastries and other snacks on this etagere to treat your guests. Cookinglife guarantees excellent and fast service, so your 3-layer cake etagere will be on your table quickly!

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You can easily and quickly buy a cake etagere online at Cookinglife. Do you also need a cake slice to serve your delicious pastries? No problem, at Cookinglife you will find everything for cooking & dining. This makes it even easier to use your cake etagere!

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