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Pastry Brushes

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Pastry Brushes

The pastry brush is a handy brush that is often used in the kitchen to grease baking tins, grids and oven dishes. Pastry brushes are made of different materials such as silicone, nylon and wood. With a baking brush, you can easily grease baking materials without getting greasy fingers.

Whether you have something to celebrate or not, cakes and other delicious baking dishes don't need a particular reason. You must have kitchen utensils you can rely on! Using a handy pastry brush, you can grease shapes and plates without skipping even the smallest corner. This way, you ensure that your baking can easily be removed from its mould and can be served! In our extensive collection, you will find many different models and sizes. So order your new baking brush at Cookinglife!

Baking brush

Not only baking tins, oven trays and grids can be greased with the help of a baking brush. You can also quickly and hygienically grease dough with a layer of butter. This gives you a beautiful shine on your apple pies and bread, for example. In our extensive range, you will find various brushes from the best brands. Think of famous names such as Joseph Joseph and Le Creuset. You can also choose your most suitable format from us. Choose the most efficient pastry brush for your dishes.

Silicone baking brush

Are you looking for kitchen utensils that are easy to clean? Then a silicone brush will not disappoint! All fat that adheres to the 'hair' gets stuck after thorough ironing, rinse it off again. Of course, you can carefully clean this handy instrument yourself to get rid of all grease residues. But a significant advantage of the silicone baking brush lies in the fact that it is dishwasher safe. Please note: Some of these brushes have a removable head with a wooden handle that you cannot clean in your dishwasher. This, in contrast to the headline itself.

Using a baking brush

To thoroughly grease a baking tin, grid or oven dish, you can use a handy Cookinglife baking brush. For best results, use butter at room temperature or fill a bowl with oil. By smearing the butter with the baking brush or by stirring the bowl of oil, the brush becomes nice and greasy. Then grease the bottom and sides well with oil or butter. Don't forget the edges and corners for an excellent result! And is summer coming again with ideal weather for al fresco dining? Then you can also use the pastry brush to grease your barbecue. Enjoy your meal!

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