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The mighty and versatile wok

Looking for a fun, fast way to get dinner on the table? Use a wok! In minutes, you can stir-fry a family favourite, like pasta primavera or Asian dishes. Aside from stir-frying, your wok is a great tool for any type of deep-frying, steaming, or boiling. 

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The mighty and versatile wok



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You will find pans for every heat source at Cookinglife! Are you looking for an induction cooking pan, a saucepan for cooking with gas, a saucepan or a ceramic pan for electric cooking? At Cookinglife you will find an extensive range of pots and pan sets made of different materials.

Pan Induction

Are you looking for a pan for induction? In our webshop, you will find cooking pans, saucepans, frying pans and pan sets, but also individual induction mussel pans, small pancake pans and stock pans.

Cookware sets

Do you need multiple pans? Then take advantage of the set advantage with one of our pan sets. The cookware sets are also ideal for starters and students to have all the pans in the house for extensive cooking. The pan sets often have one or more pots, a saucepan and saucepan. There are also pan sets with several pans. So it is just how extensive you want it!

Oven dishes

Prefer to prepare your food in the oven? We have many oven dishes in our collection for making the most delicious oven dishes. Large and small oven dishes, in square and round models, there is a suitable oven dish for every oven dish.

In addition to oven dishes, the webshop offers a wide range of roasting dishes and pizza plates for use in the oven. Do you roast your meat in the oven? A handy accessory for making the perfect piece of meat is the meat thermometer. With a meat thermometer, you can measure the temperature of the meat, so you know exactly when the meat can be removed from the oven and never serve raw meat or well-done meat.

Professional pans

In addition to professional frying panscasserole pans and saucepans for home or catering, we have many more professional pans. At Cookinglife you can also easily buy a mussel panfish panasparagus panpressure cookerpancake panstew potpasta pan or small pancakes pan. A perfect pan for every dish, that's Cookinglife.

Buy pans online?

Buy your pans online? In our webshop, you can easily and quickly find the pots you are looking for. Save yourself lugging and time and order the pans online at Cookinglife. You also benefit from our competitive online prices. Within a few working days, you will receive your order, and you can get started in the kitchen with your new cooking items!