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Frying Pan

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Frying Pan

Do you also enjoy cooking delicious dishes on the table? Then a high-quality frying pan should certainly not be missing at your home! A frying pan is very similar to a skillet but has a lower and convex rim. This makes it perfect for using this pan for baking small potatoes, a piece of meat or various vegetables!

BK frying pan

With a BK frying pan, you are assured of high quality that will last for years! The Dutch brand BK has a wide range of various pans made of carbon steel, aluminium and enamel. Due to the large selection of different BK frying pans, you can be sure that you will get your favourite pan at home. This way, you can prepare the tastiest dishes soon. Take a look at the wide range and choose your favourite BK frying pan!

Le Creuset frying pan

Add colour to your kitchen with a Le Creuset frying pan! This world-renowned French brand is known for its high-quality products. The trendy design also makes them look very stylish! Naturally, all Le Creuset pans  have a beautiful, modern look. With a Le Creuset frying pan, you choose the real quality that you will enjoy for years to come!

Induction frying pan

Do you opt for cooking on induction plates? Then you choose not only modern but also an environmentally friendly way of preparing food! With an induction frying pan, you have a quality pan that is suitable for any induction plate. Do you have a frying pan at home that is not suitable for induction? With an induction adapter, this is no problem! Cookinglife offers a wide range of induction frying pans with a large stock so that you will have your new pan at home quickly!

Frying pan cast iron

A versatile pan, that's the cast iron frying pan! Besides tasty golden brown pancakes, it is also very suitable for preparing an egg or a quick sandwich. These pans are suitable for all heat sources. And you most likely have the benefit of a non-stick coating. Not all of them are dishwasher safe. The heat is well distributed in a cast iron frying pan, which makes for delicious dishes. Discover all variants at Cookinglife!

Good frying pan

Lightweight and free from PFOA, that's a good frying pan. PFOA is a toxic substance that is released at high temperatures; this is the last thing you want during cooking. By the way, you can prepare many different dishes in a frying pan. That's why a good frying pan is indispensable. A good frying pan has a non-stick coating that will last for years.

Tefal frying pan

The brand Tefal was the first to launch the non-stick coating and is striving for innovation. A Tefal frying pan is a very good choice because you do not need butter during baking thanks to the Titanium Force non-stick coating. The pan prevents overheating thanks to the Thermo Control System. Your meals are guaranteed to be a success. Look for this Tefal frying pan in the webshop!

Buy frying pan

Are you planning to buy a new frying pan? It's possible at Cookinglife! Complete your kitchen inventory with our wide range. For example, do you want to simmer meat nicely? Then choose a casserole. Wouldn't everyone want to serve delicious dishes for friends and family? So if you are planning to buy a frying pan, be sure to take a look at our webshop!

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