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Induction Woks

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Induction Woks

Induction Woks

Are you looking for the right wok pan for induction? Then you are at Cookinglife in the right place. Our range of pans for induction cooking is extensive, so it is nice to know what you are looking for. Are you looking for a good wok pan for induction cooking or a wok pan for electric cooking? We are happy to provide further information. 

BK Induction Wok

The BK induction wok is a good choice. With this classic pan, you can bring a real kitchen essential into your home. The BK wok for induction is extremely durable, hard-lasting, and impact-resistant. Along with the BK wok for induction, we also have many pans from other notable brands such as WMF, Le Creuset, and Sola

Large induction wok

Do you regularly cook for large groups of people? Then a large induction wok is just what you need. Cookinglife offers a variety of size woks, allowing you to easily find the right size for your needs. The most used diameter wok is between 28 and 30 cm, this is suitable for households of 4 to 5 people. Are you looking for a large induction wok that has a diameter between 36 and 50 cm? That's also possible. If you mostly make smaller meals or cook for fewer people, then we suggest a wok with a diameter of 20 cm. 

What should you consider when buying an induction wok?

To make your search for the perfect induction wok even easier, we compiled a few tips for you:

  • Look at the material. There are different materials that are suitable for induction, such as stainless steel and cast iron. 
  • There are also woks without non-stick coating and teflon, but they are less user-friendly. 
  • A wok with a lid is perfect for induction cooking, because it helps keep heat in the pan and prevents splattering

Buy induction wok

Do you prefer the timeless appearance of a cast iron wok, or do you want to go for something more colourful? Take a look at our selection from Westinghouse Performance. This collection has something for everyone. Do you have a certain budget and do not want to spend as much on an induction wok? You can filter our selection by lowest price. At Cookinglife, there is a wide range of all types of pans for induction, such as frying pan and casserole. All suitable for induction, just like our kettle. If you want the whole total package of pans, we also have pan sets that are suitable for induction.


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