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Cold Smoker

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Cold Smoker

Do you also love that delicious smoky flavour of your food? Now you can easily create it yourself on your favourite dishes. Whether you want to give a piece of meat or fish or a piece of cheese a smoky flavour, you can now do it easily and quickly at home. In cold smoking, temperatures do not exceed 30°C, so the product is not cooked but only has a smoky flavour. Would you still like to smoke on the BBQ? We also offer a wide range of products for this. 

How do you cold smoke?

Cold smoking is easy to do yourself. Choose a product to which you want to add that delicious smoked flavour. Dry and pickle it. Now you can easily create smoke using a smoker or a cold smoker. The flavour of the smoke is created with smoke dust, which type of wood best suits your dish can be found in the product information. Make it even easier on yourself with a smoking bell, the rubber hose can be inserted through the inlet opening. This keeps all the smoke in one place. 

Why cold smoking?

Cold smoking is an ideal way to give your favourite dish that delicious deep smoky flavour. There are several flavours of smoke dust so there is always a good one to go with your dish! By brining the products in brine beforehand, many bacteria are eliminated, allowing you to store cold smoked products for longer. Smoking is also healthier, as no fats or oils are used. 

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