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Frying pans with enameled non-stick coating

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Frying pans with enameled non-stick coating

Enameled non-stick coating

Enamel is a protective layer of rock-hard molten glass that covers both the inside and outside of the pan. Thanks to this layer, the prepared food remains the purest and retains its original flavor. Cast iron or sheet steel pans with an enamelled non-stick coating do not need to be burned and have an unlimited lifespan. Never clean the pan in the dishwasher, as the enamel layer will become dull and you will increase the risk of scratches. Brown stains in the pan? Then boil some water and vinegar in it, let it soak for a while and then scrub the stains out of the pan. 

Heat resistance

In normal use, a pan does not get hotter than 230 ℃. If you leave the pan on the fire without ingredients or put the pan on high heat for a long time, the temperature does rise to above that. Keep this in mind when choosing the appropriate pan.

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