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Induction Pans


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Induction Pans

In our induction pans, you can make the most delicious meals. The advantage of induction pans is that they don't waste energy, because only the bottom of the pan is heated, not the entire pan itself. Whether you make a meal for yourself or for an entire group or family, we have various types of induction pans, including soup pans, saucepans, and even a paella pan. 

BK Induction Pans

Are you looking for a BK pan suitable for an induction hob? They are available at Cookinglife. Our BK pan collection is extensive and of outstanding quality. Speaking of quality, Cookinglife also offers PFAS-free pans for induction. For every type of chef, there is a suitable induction pan. Are you someone who prepares a wide range of different types of meals? Take a look at our suitable induction pan sets. Choose a solid black induction pan, if your preferred style is timeless. Are the pans from this brand not entirely what you are looking for? Take a look at suitable pans from other brands such as Sola, Berndes, Ducq, and Le Creuset.

Stainless Steel Induction Pans

Our strong, high-quality stainless steel pans are also suitable for induction cookers. A main advantage of a stainless steel pan is their unparalleled durability. Stainless steel pans can withstand high temperatures and conduct heat reasonably well. An advantage of stainless steel pans for induction is that they last reasonably long and are easy to clean. But there are more materials suitable for induction, such as ceramic, cast iron, steel and copper pans.

What are the best induction pans?

To find the best induction pans, there are few good points to know.

  • A good induction pan has as a pouring system to help drain potatoes or rice, for example.
  • The best induction pans are made of tri-ply. Tri-ply is a professional material that consists of three layers and ensures that the whole pan is heated evenly. 
  • A good induction pan has a thick bottom. The thicker the bottom, the better heat induction the pan has.

What do you need to consider when buying induction pans?

When buying an induction pan, there are several aspects you need to consider. To make your search easier, we have compiled the following list of points you need to consider when buying an induction pan. 

  • Induction pans can be recognised by a symbol of a spiral on the pan or the packaging. 
  • The bottom of the pan can be magnetised and is conductive; so it also must be nice and flat. 
  • The handles; do they get while cooking? Is there a second handle to help carry the pot if it is too heavy?
  • Does the pan come with a lid? Some woks are supplied without a lid, for example.
  • The weight of the pan, especially when used daily, is a point to consider. If the pan has a single handle and is heavy when filled, it can be difficult to move. 
  • Finally, the appearance. A nice looking pan is easier to style in your kitchen and makes cooking more fun.

Buy Induction Pans

Have you made a choice and would like to purchase a new induction pan? Be sure to take a look at our extensive collection of induction pans. There are also pan sets suitable for induction, this saves money and ensures that you have an entire set in your kitchen. Take a look for example at our collection of induction pancake pans