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If you want to ensure that as little heat as possible escapes during cooking, it is important to have several suitable pan lids at home. Even when you put the pans on the table to enjoy your prepared dishes, the lids do their job. Different pans require different pan lids, each made from a different material. Our range includes a lid with a colander and a dome lid. Cookinglife is happy to advise you which lid fits your pan!

Loose pan lids

By purchasing separate pan lids, you can decide for yourself which lid you use for which pan, although the dimensions are of course important. If you want to follow the preparation process closely, it is advisable to purchase a glass lid because it allows you to look inside the pan while your food cooks. The pans that Cookinglife offers do not always have a lid as standard. It is then the intention that you order them separately. If you have become curious about our range of separate pan lids, feel free to take a look at the webshop!

Storing pan lids

For storing your pans, Cookinglife offers a pan rack. But what options do you have if you want to store your pan lids? A handy method is to lay the lids on the pans when storing. Would you like to store the lids separately? Then you can attach a towel rail to the inside of your kitchen cupboard where you can hang lids. This way, you can easily store your pan set and accompanying pan lids. Cookinglife offers you almost everything you need in the kitchen!

Buy pan lids

If you are planning to buy pan lids, Cookinglife is the right place. We supply anti-splash lids, which ensure that you can cook safely, and lids that are also used in the catering industry. When you often use cooking pots, it is not unwise to also use potholders to buy for safe cooking. Get inspired online if you want to buy pan lids!

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