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Induction Pancake Pans

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Induction Pancake Pans

Bake the most delicious pancakes in one of our induction-suitable pancake pans! The advantage of a pancake pan is that the edge is lower than that of a normal frying pan. This makes it easy to turn the pancake over and after frying, it slides more easily from the pan onto the plate. All this makes for a smooth and effortless experience in the kitchen. Are you ready to discover your new favourite induction pancake pan at Cookinglife?

What is the best induction pancake pan?

We have compiled a list of points to look out for when choosing the right induction pancake pan. 

  • A good pancake pan has a low, less sloping edge. 
  • Choose stainless steel or aluminium if you want a lightweight pan.
  • Check whether the material is suitable for induction cooking.
  • Whether or not you want a non-stick coating is a matter of preference.

With these points in mind, you can get to baking delicious pancakes in no time at all! 

What size induction pancake pan is best?

Based on what size pancakes you usually like to make, you can determine the necessary diameter of the induction pancake pan. Most pancake pans that are sold are between 24 and 28 cm. Would you rather have breakfast with small pancakes in the morning? Then an induction pancake pan with a diameter of 20 cm is the right size. At Cookinglife, you can use the diameter filter to view only the pans that are suitable for you and your family. 

Le Creuset Pancake Pan

Are you looking for top-quality when it comes to your induction pans? Then the Le Creuset Pancake Pans are perfect for you! You can choose among 4 products belonging to two different collections. Firstly, the pans from the Le Creuset TNS Collection cook your pancakes evenly and have an effective non-stick coating. The surface of the TNS pan is smooth, so using oil or butter isn't necessary. The Le Creuset Pancake Pan Les Forgées TNS is also suitable for use on all heat sources. The Le Creuset Crepe Pan from the Tradition collection is ideal for thin, large crepes - just like the ones from France! The enamelled crepe pans brown your pancakes beautifully and they are easy to clean. Discover your favourite Le Creuset pancake pan at Cookinglife today! 

Paderno Induction Pancake Pan

Are you looking for a more affordable option when choosing a new pancake pan? Then the Paderno induction pancakes pan could be the perfect alternative for you. You can choose from 3 different pan sizes, ranging from small 20 cm to the crepe-sized 24 cm pans. The bottom of the pans is made of sheet steel, known for its perfect heat conduction abilities. This is ideal for dishes that require high temperatures in a short period of time and need to finish cooking at a lower temperature. Due to the low edge, you can easily flip your pancakes with a spatula. For the hot handle of the pan, a potholder is recommended.

Buy induction pancake pan

Do you love cooking pancakes for your family in the mornings, but are missing the ideal induction-friendly pancake pan from your kitchen? Then you are sure to find the right option for you at Cookinglife. If you have already found your new favourite pancake pan, why not continue browsing our other induction pans for your other cooking needs? If you are also looking for help creating the perfect pancake batter, then take a look at our mixing bowls, or our wide range of kitchen appliances, with tools ranging from hand mixers to the iconic KitchenAid and SMEG stand mixers - and more.

Do you have a limited budget and would like to buy a cheap pancake pan for induction? Then keep an eye on our offers or filter on the lowest price. Our collection for induction consists of a frying pan induction, wok pan induction, frying pan induction, frying pan induction, grill pan induction and kettle induction. If you want to have everything at home at once, go for an induction pan set

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