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Griddle Pan

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Griddle Pan

Looking for a griddle pan that optimally prepares meat, fish, vegetables and potatoes? The slots in the grill pan prevent the fat from fish or meat from coming back. This makes the food less fat. There is also no need to use oil or butter when using a grill pan. A griddle pan is also extremely suitable to use for grilling bread. For example, you can make delicious bruschetta!

Le Creuset Griddle Pan

The Le Creuset Griddle Pan is a real eye-catcher for any kitchen. This is available in various modern colours. The Le Creuset grill pan is made of strong enamelled cast iron and equipped with two spouts. This distinguishes the Le Creuset griddle pan from a normal frying pan. Also, the Le Creuset grill pan is suitable for induction and the dishwasher. The use of cast iron distributes the heat evenly over the pan. This means that meat, fish and vegetables are prepared optimally. It is also possible with a griddle pan to cook dishes longer in the oven.

Cast iron griddle pan

A big advantage of a cast iron griddle pan is that you experience an even heat distribution during cooking. It is also nice that you can, for example, sear a steak with a grill pan and then let it cook in the oven. Cookinglife sells various griddle pans, so there is always one that fits in your kitchen. Are you ready for your own cast iron grill pan or do you want to replace the old one? Then take a look at our webshop!

Grill pan induction

You can grill very well on an induction hob, both with and without a grill pan for induction. Take a cast iron grill pan, for example, which retains heat well and stays hot. You want that when grilling. It is also nice that a pan made of this material moves less than other pans. When you're cooking meat, it's important to have a pan you can rely on. Discover a grill pan for induction at Cookinglife now!

Clean grill pan

After use, the grill pan can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, we still recommend cleaning the grill pan by hand. This will reduce the chance that the grill pan will become dull over time. A grill pan becomes dull faster if you put it in the dishwasher several times. Ensure a longer life for your grill pan by properly maintaining it.

Buy grill pan

Ordering is quick and easy at Cookinglife. We ensure that your grill pan is carefully packed. Also, you can pay easily and safely at Cookinglife. We offer a wide range of grill pans, including cast iron grill pans. At Cookinglife, you benefit from competitive prices and fast delivery!

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