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Versatile, that's a skillet for sure. You can prepare sauces and stews in it, among other things. The cooking pans from Cookinglife can be found in different sizes so that there is a suitable pan for you for every occasion. Cooking for a large group or a small group of friends, everything is possible. Discover which skillet suits you and your wishes!

Skillet for induction

In today's time, an induction skillet cannot be missing in your kitchen. The advantage of this method of cooking is that the pan heats up quickly, and your dish is cooked more evenly. A lower temperature for simmering steak is also possible. In terms of cleaning, our advice is that it is best to clean the skillet for induction by hand. Discover this or one of our BK pans now online!

Tefal skillet

The brand Tefal strives to make your daily life easier, and they achieve this thanks to the Tefal skillet. It is suitable for various heat sources and has a non-stick coating, so you don't need butter or oil. This makes it easy to put a healthy meal on the table. It is dishwasher and oven safe. The Tefal skillet indicates when it has reached the ideal temperature thanks to the Thermo-Spot.

Frying pan electric

There is an increasing amount of electric cooking, and one of the advantages of this is that the plate heats up quickly. Cookinglife has, among other things, a skillet suitable for an electric hob in its range. This way, you can also enjoy delicious homemade dishes with an electric hob. Moreover, it is a nice idea that you are sustainably preparing food. Are you curious about a frying pan for an electric hob? Then discover the variants available at Cookinglife!

Frying pan with lid

The big advantage of cooking with a frying pan with lid is that the pan can be closed properly and no heat is lost. This way, the ingredients heat evenly, and you can enjoy the final dish to the fullest. The product specifications, such as whether the pan can be put in the dishwasher, for example, are very clear on our site. For example, the skillet with a lid you choose may have a non-stick coating. This depends on the variant you ultimately choose.

Buy a skillet

Would you like to buy a high-quality skillet? Then you are at the right place at Cookinglife! We have many variants in our range of well-known brands, such as Le Creuset and Eva Solo. The chance that the right pan is there for you is very high! When you go to buy a frying pan, you probably already have in mind which delicious dishes you want to prepare with it. A nice piece of meat, for example? They are particularly suitable for baking and stewing larger dishes. Whichever pan you go for, Cookinglife is ready for you!

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