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When preparing sauces and soups, a saucepan of, for example, the brand Hendi is indispensable. Sometimes this is provided with a pouring spout to make it easier to pour your heated milk, for example. Some of these pans are also suitable for the oven and dishwasher. Discover all the possibilities now in our webshop and take advantage of fast delivery!

Saucepan induction

Do you have an induction hob? Then a saucepan for induction, such for example WMF, cannot be missing in your kitchen. The advantage of this method of cooking is that the pan heats up quickly, and your dish is cooked more evenly. A lower temperature for sauces, for example, is also possible, this is because an induction hob cools down quickly and therefore does not remain hot as with an electric hob. If you would like to purchase a saucepan for induction and also a pan set, pay close attention to which pans are suitable for induction.

Saucepan with lid

Make the most delicious sauces and soups with the help of a saucepan with a lid! Which heat source it is suitable for depends on the pan that suits you best. The content also differs; if you want to prepare soup for a large group, you obviously need a large pan. The saucepan with a lid you choose may have a non-stick coating. This depends on the variant you ultimately choose.

Saucepan non-stick coating

When you buy a non-stick saucepan from us, you can assume that it is PFOA free. PFOA is a toxic substance that is released at high temperatures, which is, of course, the last thing you want when you are cooking. Our saucepans are suitable for several heat sources. In the product specifications, you can also find out whether the non-stick saucepan you have chosen is dishwasher safe.

Le Creuset saucepan

The brand Le Creuset is committed to sustainability, their colour pattern suits all types of living rooms, and all products are carefully and manually checked. You can choose from a standard black over the silver pan, but you will also find a cheerful cherry red variant with us. You are always in the right place with a Le Creuset saucepan. You can easily heat a dish or make soup yourself. Discover the wide range in our webshop and choose your (new) favourite Le Creuset saucepan!

Copper saucepan

Due to the warm colour and beautiful shine, our copper saucepan is very popular. The advantage of copper is that this material heats up quickly, and the heat is evenly distributed. Some of our saucepans have a pouring spout that makes it easy to serve sauces or soups. Copper needs maintenance to keep the pans shiny. They can become dull with use.

We do not recommend putting a copper saucepan in the dishwasher. It is possible, but if the pan remains in the dishwasher for too long after a wash, stains or streaks may appear. So hand washing under a hot tap is recommended. Be sure to take a look at our cooking pans and complete your kitchen collection!

Saucepan Eva Solo

Are you already familiar with the Danish brand Eva Solo? This great brand has been known for decades for its great products in the field of cooking and dining! The saucepans from Eva Solo are of high quality and will last for years. Due to the minimalist, Scandinavian design, the Eva Solo saucepans also look very stylish. Eyecatchers in every kitchen!

Buy saucepan

Are you going to buy a saucepan to complete your kitchen? Then choose the wide collection and fast delivery from Cookinglife! When you go to buy a saucepan, you probably already have in mind what you want to prepare with it. For example, the tastiest sauce or soup ever? Are you going for a pan or rather an  induction adapter? Whatever tool you need in the kitchen, Cookinglife is ready for you!

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