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A spatula should certainly not be missing in the kitchen. You can mix, scrape, and move ingredients easily and quickly. Due to the flat surface, food will not attach itself to them. If this does happen, you can easily clean it off!

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A spatula is often used when stirring, lifting and flipping ingredients. A spatula is therefore used for various purposes. When a dish is stuck to the surface of the pan, a spatula is used to loosen it. Spatulas are made from different materials. You can think of plastic, wood or rubber. On this page, you will find different types of spatulas that are offered in our webshop.

Silicone spatula

When using a silicone spatula in the kitchen, you prevent scratches in your pan. A silicone spatula is also good to use when preparing the batter, cream or crême. It is ideal for spreading and smoothing. A silicone spatula is flexible, which is very nice because in this way the spatula bends with the shape so that nothing is left behind in your mixing bowl. The silicone spatulas from our webshop are available in various colours.

Wooden spatula

A wooden spatula should not be missing between today's kitchen utensils. Cookinglife offers different variants. You can buy a single copy from us, but also a complete set. A spatula is a handy object for preparing your favourite dish, for example. The wooden spatula can be found in the Cookinglife webshop.

Wooden spatula Le Creuset

Various versions of the Le Creuset wooden spatula are available. Cookinglife offers you different sizes so that a suitable model is undoubtedly open for you. The spatulas are made of silicone and wood. The durable silicone does not scratch, for example, your pan. The spatula is heat resistant up to 250°c. In addition to the Le Creuset wooden spatula, our wide range also includes other spatulas. You will find our extensive range online at Cookinglife or in our store in Groningen.

Wooden spatula set

Your kitchen helpers are complete with a wooden spatula set from Cookinglife. With different spatulas, you have the right tools for every cooking or baking job. The carousel on which the kitchen assistants hang on is practical and attractive in your kitchen. Baking, stirring or stir-frying; it is all possible with our wooden spatulas. You can order your wooden spatula set at the extensive Cookinglife webshop!

Buy a spatula

Mix, scrape and move your ingredients in an easy way? Then use a spatula. A spatula should not be missing in the kitchen! You can buy a spatula easily and quickly in our webshop with cooking utensils. When you have selected a product, the delivery time is automatically displayed. If you have any questions about this item, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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