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Snails, better known as escargot, is a real delicacy for the connoisseur. To serve, eat and prepare it, you will need to have the necessary equipment at home. With the copper slag pan, you prepare the snails with ease and without effort. With snail tongs, you serve the snails on a snail plate that you can place at the table. Every enthusiast can, in turn, enjoy and feast on the snails with a stainless steel snail fork!

Prepare and serve snails

  • Prepare with a snail pan
  • Serve on a snail plate with snail tongs
  • Enjoy with the fork!

Buy snail tongs?

Would you also like handy snail tongs at home for convenient eating snails? You can order the snail tongs easily and quickly online at Cookinglife. Complete your order with a nice snail plate to serve the snails on.

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