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Cheese Slicers

Are you a real cheese lover? Then you must invest your sandwich every day with a delicious slice of young, mature or old cheese. With a cheese slicer from Cookinglife, you can quickly cut thin and smooth slices of cheese for a tasty and healthy lunch or breakfast.

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Cheese Slicers

A sharp cheese slicer should not be missing in a cheese lover's kitchen, because fresh slices from a block of cheese taste creamier than pre-sliced ​​cheese from the supermarket. In our range, you will find cheese slicers with which you can cut smooth slices of cheese for bread or, for example, an oven dish.

Cheese slicers

In our webshop, you have a wide choice in cheese slicers. There are two types of cheese slicers. The most famous is the cheese slicer for aged cheeses. This cheese slicer has a large blade so that the cheese slice remains intact during slicing. You can easily slice young cheese with a cheese slicer with a short blade. As a result, the slice of cheese will not stick to the leaf and will not break.

Cheese slicer grater

If you love cheese, you'll take every opportunity to include cheese in your dishes. In addition to filling your sandwich with cheese, you can enrich your pasta, casseroles and other dishes with grated cheese. Freshly grated cheese is many times more flavorful than ready-to-use grated cheese from a bag. With a cheese grater, you can easily grate young and old cheeses over various dishes.

Buy a cheese slicer?

In our collection, you will find various cheese slicers for different types of cheese. For example, there are the elegant Paderno cheese slicers made of stainless steel for soft and aged cheeses. You will also find cheese slicers from Westmark here, a brand that is known for its high-quality kitchen items. Buy a cheese slicer for hard or soft cheeses online in our webshop and take advantage of the competitive prices!

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