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Chopping Boards

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Chopping Boards

Prevent damage to your worktop and use a chopping board. View the handy chopping boards from well-known brands such as Joseph Joseph and Cosy & Trendy at Cookinglife.

Chopping board

To make everyday cutting work more comfortable in the kitchen, use a chopping board. This not only prevents damage to the countertop, but the use of a chopping board is also more hygienic. At Cookinglife you will find various chopping boards, for fine or coarser cutting work.

Wooden chopping board

A wooden chopping board is trendy among professional chefs. This is because the soft material keeps the blades sharp. Also, wood has pleasant cutting properties. On this page, you can also find bamboo chopping boards. A bamboo chopping board hardly absorbs moisture, so that no cracks occur in the board.

Plastic chopping board

The plastic chopping boards come in various designs and various colours. This has everything to do with hygienically cutting your products. A plastic chopping board is easy to clean and will last for years. On this page, you will find flexible planks, light or heavyweight chopping boards, among others from the brand Joseph Joseph and Cosy & Trendy.

Chopping board set

Do you work in the hospitality industry? Then you are undoubtedly familiar with HACCP regulations in the kitchen. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and is a risk inventory for foodstuffs. You can also easily apply HACCP rules in your kitchen at home. You can think of the use of plastic chopping boards.

At Cookinglife, you will find chopping board sets in different colours from the Joseph Joseph brand. The chopping board set consists of four various chopping boards in a holder. Each colour or picture of the shelf represents a specific type of product or ingredient. The colours of the chopping boards separate products so that there is no risk of cross-contamination and no taste or odour transfer takes place between products.

Do you also want to apply the HACCP regulations in your kitchen? Buy one of the chopping boards or chopping board sets on our webshop now.

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