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With a mandoline is a kitchen accessory with which you can easily cut vegetables into equal slices for a professional result, in nice thin slices.

Mandoline kitchen

Do you want to cut thin slices of vegetables for your dishes at lightning speed? A mandoline makes it possible! With a kitchen mandoline, you can cut perfect slices of tomato for a salad in a professional way, thin slices of potato for a casserole and much more!

Mandoline grater

You can quickly grate thin, equal slices of cucumber, tomato or zucchini with a Cookinglife mandoline. The vegetable is placed on the mandoline and cut with a smooth movement. In this way, nice even slices of vegetables are created for your cold or warm dishes.

Buy a mandoline

At Cookinglife, you will find various mandolins from different brands. Do you often prepare vegetables, and are you looking for a mandoline for daily use? Then there are simple and competitively priced mandolines without attachments. Do you go a step further and like to experiment with various vegetables? At Cookinglife we ​​have a wide range of mandolines with multiple accessories.

Kitchen Utensils

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