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Crumpet Rings

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Crumpet Rings

Do you want to present your food just a little more exciting? Dessert, puree and many more tasty dishes are presented elegantly with the help of a Crumpet Rings.

Crumpet Rings

Crumpet Rings are used in the kitchen to serve dishes in a particular shape. For example, you can elegantly present a simple ingredient such as rice or risotto. That way, a daily dish gets a nice twist. There are also recipes where the use of a cooking ring is indispensable, such as with a salmon tartare. Without the cooking rings, the tartare cannot become round and firm.

Cooking rings

At Cookinglife you will find cooking rings in various sizes and for different purposes. First of all, there is a range of round cooking rings in different sizes and heights. Decide for yourself which cooking ring best suits your recipe. We also have cutters and cookie cutters in our range. With these shapes, you can easily cut squares, circles and fun figures out of dough and more.

Using a cooking ring

With the help of cooking rings, you can easily make a tower of your recipe. Place the cooking ring on the plate with which you serve the dish. You start the tower with a bottom as desired. Then you build an ingredient for ingredient a turret. When the turret is ready, carefully remove the cooking ring. In this way, you a simple recipe in a unique way!

Stainless steel cooking rings

A cooking ring is a handy kitchen accessory that can help you present your food beautifully and professionally. The moulds are often made of stainless steel and are therefore easy to clean. With us, you will find a wide range of cooking rings for a competitive price! The cooking rings are available in different diameters such as 6.5, 7 or 9 centimetres. In addition to rings, there are also cooking rings in other shapes such as hearts, squares and flowers.

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