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Steamer Baskets

Want to create delicious, healthy dishes for the table in an instant? This can be done by means of a steamer basket. View our range for various steam baskets!

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Steamer Baskets

Steaming your vegetables is a healthy way to prepare your vegetables. You can do this using a steam basket. With the use of a steam basket, the vitamins are stored longer. In our range, you will find several bamboo steam baskets and stainless steel.

Bamboo steamer basket

By using a bamboo steamer basket, pour a layer of water into a pan or wok and bring it to the boil. You place the bamboo basket on the pan or wok, and you can steam your vegetables. At Cookinglife you can find three types of bamboo steam baskets in different sizes. The advantage of bamboo steam baskets is that they are easy to store.

Buy a steam basket?

Because the vitamins of the vegetables are stored for longer, you can cook healthily by using a steam basket. And by steaming your vegetables, the flavour is better preserved than when you cook the vegetables. You can easily buy a steamer basket in our cooking webshop. The delivery time is indicated for each product. If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to contact us.

Using a steam basket

When using a stainless steel steam basket, you pour a layer of water into a pan and hang the basket with the ingredients in it. When doing this, you can healthily prepare your vegetables, and you can enjoy the preserved taste of your vegetables.

Do you also want to serve delicious and healthy dishes in no time? Then use a steamer basket. Please take advantage of our competitive prices and buy a steam basket easily and quickly at Cookinglife! The delivery time is indicated for each product so that you know exactly when you can expect the product to arrive.

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