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Pasta Machine Attachments

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Pasta Machine Attachments

Do you have a pasta machine at home or have you just purchased it? And are you looking for an attachment for your pasta machine? At Cookinglife there are various attachments available that are suitable for all types of Imperia pasta machines and Marcato pasta machines that we offer in our range.

Pasta machine attachment

A pasta machine attachment determines the type of pasta you are going to make. So there are special attachments for every type of pasta, for example, linguine and lasagna attachments. The pasta machine attachments are made of anodised aluminium, which makes them easy to clean.

For many types of pasta, an attachment is available at Cookinglife. Do you want to make ravioli? Cookinglife has two different sizes of attachments available, especially for making ravioli. Various attachments are available for your pasta machine. With these attachments, you can make the following pasta types:

  • Fettuccini
  • Lasagnette
  • Tagliatelle
  • Reginette
  • Trenette
  • Spaghetti
  • Pappardelle
  • Gnocchi
  • Ravioli 30x30 mm
  • Ravioli 50x50 mm

Attachment Pasta machine Imperia

There are many Imperia attachments in our range. This makes it easy to make fresh pasta. With each attachment, it states what pasta machine can be used. It is essential with the Imperia attachments that you clean the product with water. It is best to leave the device for half an hour after making the pasta. After this half-hour, the pasta remains will be dry and therefore easy to wipe off.

SMEG food processor with attachment

Do you want to prepare not only pasta but also the most delicious cakes with one machine? Then Cookinglife has good news for you! A SMEG stand mixer with an attachment for the pasta you can easily find your preference in our webshop. Whether you want to make fettuccine, taglioni or spaghetti, a SMEG food processor with attachment makes it possible.

Buy a pasta machine attachment

Do you want to make optimal use of your pasta machine? Then use an attachment for your pasta machine. With this, you can easily make various types of pasta. Cookinglife has a wide range of attachments in stock! The devices themselves are also widely available from us. For example, you can choose for a specific ravioli maker Have you made or cooked pasta and would you like to let it dry first? Then you can use a handy pasta drying rack! Our spaghetti tongs are ideal for convenient scooping up your pasta. You can buy all these aids inexpensively and efficiently together with a new attachment for your pasta machine at Cookinglife!

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