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Cracking fresh nuts becomes an easy job with a nutcracker from Cookinglife. With a nutcracker, you can easily break open walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans. Do you want to use nuts in a recipe? Then choose the nutcracker from Cookinglife!

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With our nutcrackers, you can easily crack various nuts. Place the nut in the cracker and squeeze the cracker with your other hand. Hold your other hand around the nut and the cracker so that the cracked nut will fall into your hand.

Tip: If you want to keep your nuts as intact as possible, insert the nut so that the veins lie against the cracker. This way the nuts will open quickly, and you keep a nice whole nut.


At Cookinglife you will find various types of nutcrackers. In our range, we have compact and straightforward nutcrackers that are very competitively priced. Multifunctional nutcrackers with which you can use a champagne bottle and ergonomic nutcracker a light pressure will crack all your nuts. Or you can opt for the unique Vacu Vin table-top nutcracker with a bowl, on which you serve the cracked nuts.

Wooden Nutcracker

Most nuts have a beautiful woody colour. At Cookinglife you will easily find a wooden nutcracker that colours nicely with this. You can place these nicely next to your bowl of nuts as an invitation to your guests. The handle of the wooden nutcracker is made of wood, and the bowl in which the nut is cracked is made of sturdy metal. Would you like to add nuts or similar spices to your meal? Perhaps it would be an idea to use a nutmeg grinder or a mortar to order.

Buy Nutcracker

Have you already fancied a bowl of fresh nuts? Buy your nutcracker online at Cookinglife and benefit from our fast deliveries! There are many other options for the connoisseur. For example, do you want to make almond flour for cookies, cakes or other baked goods? Then comes a handy almond mill! View all our crackers and grinders and make your choice.

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