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Cutlery Tray

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Cutlery Tray

An evening of cosy cooking starts with a neat kitchen with tidy drawers. With a cutlery tray in your kitchen drawer you always have the right cutlery at hand. Where is that one butter knife, ice cream spoon or beautiful pastry fork, when you need it? Now create order in your kitchen with a handy cutlery tray from Cookinglife. Here you will find cutlery trays in various materials and designs for both at home and in the catering industry!

Cutlery trays

Cookinglife has a wide range of cutlery trays in different sizes and materials. Are you looking for a cutlery tray only for knives, forks, spoons and spoons? Then the competitively priced plastic cutlery trays are an excellent solution. Also, we have extensive cutlery trays for both cutlery and various cooking utensils, for an orderly drawer.

Wooden cutlery tray

With a wooden cutlery tray from Cookinglife, you can give your kitchen unit a warm and homely look. In our collection, you will find both small wooden cutlery trays for your basic cutlery and large wooden cutlery trays for cutlery and kitchen utensils. The wooden cutlery trays can be easily moved between the drawer and the dining table because of the handles. Very handy when setting the table for a large group!

Custom cutlery tray

With a custom cutlery tray, you make the most of the space in your kitchen drawer. One of our top products is the wooden extendable cutlery tray. This cutlery tray is made of strong bamboo wood and is water-resistant. You put the cutlery tray in your drawer when it is at its narrowest. Then you can easily slide the sides out completely to make the most of the space in your drawer.

Buy cutlery tray

Buy a cutlery tray at Cookinglife and take advantage of the competitive prices! At Cookinglife you have come to the right place for all your kitchen supplies. In our range, you will find various cutlery trays so that you can make optimal use of the space in your kitchen drawer.

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