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Meat Skewers

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Meat Skewers

At Cookinglife there are various skewers, skewers and roulade needles available. This makes bbq a real party! By using the stainless steel skewers or stainless steel skewers, you can easily make your own skewers. You can get anything here, for example, meat, vegetables or fruit. In other words, make your own tasty skewers! These pens are also very suitable for making satay! 

Tips for buying a meat skewer

Read these practical tips before you purchase a meat skewer at Cookinglife to ensure that you immediately receive the right product.

  • Think about which type of meat skewer is most suitable for your situation, such as a skewer, sword skewer or roulade skewer.
  • Take a good look at the size of the products and think about which size best suits your situation.
  • Choose a design of the product of your choice, so there are different prickers and skewer swords available.
  • All meat skewers available at Cookinglife are made of stainless steel

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