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Egg Slicers

Treat yourself to a homemade healthy egg sandwich! You can easily and quickly cut a boiled egg for bread into thin and even slices with an egg slicer from Cookinglife!

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Egg Slicers

An egg slicer is a simple tool for cutting thin and even slices of egg, for example on a sandwich, in a salad or as a garnish. The egg slicer has a holder and a cutter. The slicer is made of thin iron wire, and you press it through the egg in the holder. In this way, you will have a sliced ​​egg in no time.

Westmark Egg Slicer

You will also find egg slicers from Westmark in our webshop. For example, we have the Westmark egg slicer Columbus. This egg slicer, made of aluminium, is very compact and cuts eggs into wedges. Due to the simple design of the egg slicer, it is very easy to clean. All you have to do is hold it under the tap for a while.

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Want to cut your eggs into perfect slices or wedges? At Cookinglife you have a wide choice of egg slicers. With these egg slicer, you can cut smooth slices and wedges of an egg for bread, in lettuce or as a garnish. Have you become enthusiastic about what our egg slicers can do? Then buy your egg slicer at Cookinglife!

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