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Measuring Spoons

To measure is to know. When you use the right amount of ingredients in your recipe with a measuring spoon, you are assured of a successful result!

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Measuring Spoons

If you add several ingredients to your dishes by feeling, chances are it will not taste as good as the original recipe. With a measuring spoon of Cookinglife, you can easily always have the right dosage for every dish.

Measuring spoons coffee

A perfectly brewed cup of coffee, everyone wants to wake up with that, right? When you use a measuring spoon to dose ground coffee, you know exactly what amount of coffee you need to enjoy a nice cup of fun.

Tip: Level your scoop for accurate dosage.

Buy measuring spoons

At Cookinglife you will find measuring spoons in various sizes and for various purposes. From 1/4 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. With a measuring spoon set, you have all sizes at your fingertips, and serious cooking and baking begin. There is also a wide choice in various sizes of stainless steel grocery scoops for an authentic look in your kitchen. Order one of our handy measuring scoops and take advantage of our competitive prices.

Using measuring spoons

Use your scoop to measure or use it to scoop. The advantage of deep scoops is that they can be accurately dosed without spilling. These scoops come in various sizes and have an ml and/or a spoon designation. Or you can opt for measuring spoons with which you can easily move dry foods, such as coffee beans or pasta. Handy at home, in your shop or the professional kitchen!

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