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Spice and Nut Grinders

With Cookinglife's multifunctional Nut Grinders you can effortlessly make almonds from your own almonds for cookies, cakes and food. In addition, you can also use the almond mill for slicing chocolate, various types of nuts and hard cheeses.

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Spice and Nut Grinders

Cookinglife's almond mill is an easy device to operate with which nuts, chocolate, and cheeses can be ground. Place your ingredients in the opening of the almond grinder and grind it fine by turning the handle. This way, you can quickly and easily make your almond flour or shaved chocolate and cheese.

Tip: By briefly boiling the almonds, the skins are very easy to remove.

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Which Nut Grinder is right for you? Choose Swedish Sveico almond mill when looking for an almond mill with a beautiful authentic design. And our Westmark almond mills are known for durability and their functional properties.

Westmark Almond Mill

The German Westmark has been a specialized and reliable partner in the kitchen for 40 years and offers a range of smart and practical kitchen gadgets and household products. Westmark combines the highest quality with trendy and traditional kitchen assistants.

The Westmark almond mills from the Cookinglife range can make almonds, nuts, chocolate and hard cheeses grind and grate. The Westmark multifunctional almond mills have stainless steel cutting mills and are very efficient because they are made using a unique etching technique.

The suction cup at the bottom of the almond mill ensures that the mill will stand firmly on the surface. Westmark also attaches great importance to safety and therefore equips the almond mills with a pestle to keep your fingers away from the sharp blades.

Almond mills stainless steel

You don't need extra space in your kitchen cupboards for the stainless steel almond mills from Cookinglife, because this beautiful stainless steel version can be seen. Just under the tap or in the dishwasher and your stainless steel almond mill is ready for use again! Cookinglife is the address for your almond mills.

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