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Spice Racks

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Spice Racks

At Cookinglife you will find spice racks in various sizes and designs. The big advantage is that you can store all your herbs in this in a stylish and orderly manner. Are you above the pan and do you quickly need your thyme, nutmeg or curry powder? Then one handle in the spice rack is sufficient to find your spices, especially if you choose a variant including matching jars. This way, you save yourself a lot of stress, and it doesn't get too hot under your feet!

Westmark spice rack

For almost a hundred years, the German company Westmark has been making work in the kitchen more efficient with high-quality kitchen assistants. The Westmark spice rack is ideal for mounting on the inside of a kitchen cupboard. Each jar can be fitted with an aroma-tight closure to allow herbs and spices to keep fresh longer. In addition to the Westmark spice rack for a kitchen cupboard, we also have various spice racks for the countertop within our range.

Joseph Joseph spice rack

For ingenious designs and storage solutions, you've come to the right place at Joseph Joseph. The spice rack of this brand is designed like a carousel. If you turn the spice carousel, you have an immediate overview, and you can easily choose the right container. Another advantage is that the jars have different sizes because there are always herbs that are used more or less often!

Spice rack hanging

If you are running out of space to store your herbs, a hanging spice rack is a good solution. You can mount this on the inside of the cabinet doors as well as on the wall. At Cookinglife it is also possible to buy a variant including various spice jars. With such a spice rack hanging on the wall, you can immediately start preparing your delicious recipes.

Spice rack with jars

The herbs you buy in the store are often offered in varying packaging. A spice rack with jars is then a good way to store your entire stock efficiently and clearly. In addition to a spice carousel, you can also opt for a spice rack with jars that you hang on the wall. With some versions, you will even receive the herbs. Would you like to buy your frequently used herbs fresh? Then you can easily grind it in a spice mill and what remains easily in a put away a jar! Also for various graters or an authentic pestle & mortar, you've come to the right place.

Buy a spice rack?

At Cookinglife you will find spice racks from Salt & Pepper, Westmark and more. A hint of cinnamon here, a pinch of ginger there. Now store it neatly with the Westmark spice rack for an organized kitchen. Also, Cookinglife has many other ways of preserving foodstuffs. For example, please take a look at our trendy fresh food boxes and classic storage jars. Also, we have many other ways to efficiently organize your cooking domain in our kitchen organizer department, full of handy accessories that you can order with your spice rack!

Do you like cheerful but uncluttered chaos? Then you can always alternate pots with fresh herbs in pots. You can also easily use these in your meals by using a parsley grinder or a / a> to use. In our webshop, you will always find inspiration for all your cooking ideas!

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