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Burger Presses

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Burger Presses

Are you bummed that your homemade burgers don't get the right shape? Then a burger press is an ideal product for you, with which you can easily and quickly make your own burgers with the perfect size and thickness! Also, burger presses ensure that your burgers no longer fall apart, but are firm.

Burger press buying tips

Before purchasing a burger press, check out these practical tips from Cookinglife:

  • When making your choice, pay attention to the material of the different hamburger presses, there are stainless steel burger presses, aluminium hamburger presses and plastic hamburger presses available.
  • Consider the size of the burger press, there are both oval and round hamburger presses available.
  • Also, look carefully at the brand of the product you have chosen.

Hamburger Press and Meat Tenderizer

Do you want to tenderize your meat easily? Then a meat tenderizer is your ideal kitchen accessory. With a meat tenderizer, you can easily tenderize your cutlets. Stainless steel meat grinders and American meat tenderizers are available at Cookinglife. Order your meat tenderizer now online and pay easily with Ideal or Afterwards.

Meat tenderizers applications

You can use a meat tenderizer for the following purposes:

  • Ensuring a better absorption of the marinade in the meat
  • Give your cutlets and steak a flatter shape for better and faster cooking.
  • Soften the meat to make it easier to eat.

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