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Bottle Openers

No time to cook extensively, but you want to eat good food? You can have a can of soup, beans and other preserves on the table in no time with a can opener from Cookinglife.

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Bottle Openers

A can opener has become an indispensable part of today's kitchen. Cans of beans, vegetables or fruit can easily be opened with the help of a can opener. The first can openers were not comfortable in hand and required enormous force when opening a can. Nowadays can openers have an ergonomic design and with light pressure and smooth movement you can easily open a can of preserves.

Joseph Joseph can opener

New in our webshop is the Joseph Joseph Can-Do Can Opener. This can opener differs from the classic openers because of the enormous ease of use. With the Joseph Joseph, you no longer have to clamp the can opener to the can, because can opener clamps itself to the can, by a light push of the button. Then turn the big knob on top of the can opener and the can will open smoothly.

Sieger can opener

Ugly cuts to your fingers are a thing of the past with the Sieger can openers. The Sieger can opener is placed on the top of the tin and cuts at the top through the side of the can. This creates a lid, without sharp edges, that can be removed. The cover can also be placed back on the tin after use. Handy if you want to save something.

Buy a can opener

A can of soup, fruit or vegetables can be opened quickly and easily with the can openers from Cookinglife. In our range, you will find can openers in various shapes and sizes and are suitable for all cans. Buy now easily from our webshop and enjoy your opener soon.

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