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Kitchen Timers

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Kitchen Timers

A handy tool in the kitchen is the kitchen timer. Cook without worries and no longer worry about time. That is possible with a kitchen timer! View the Cookinglife range for different types of kitchen timers! In our range, we also have super cute egg timers, called "Piepei".

Kitchen timer

Do you ever forget the time when you are cooking? Or do you find it difficult to estimate how long the pasta should cook? Then a kitchen timer is an ideal solution for you. By setting this to the predetermined time, your food will never bake or cook for too long. At Cookinglife there are various kitchen timers available from brands such as Cosy & Trendy and Joseph Joseph. There are stainless steel kitchen timers, digital kitchen timers and multiple types of kitchen timers available.

Digital kitchen timer

By using a digital kitchen timer, you often have more setting options than with a wind-up alarm clock, and a digital kitchen timer can be precisely adjusted. Because you can set the digital kitchen timer exactly, your food will never cook for too long again.

Kitchen timer online

Before purchasing a kitchen timer online at Cookinglife, first read these practical tips so that you immediately choose the right kitchen timer.

  • Decide whether you want an analogue or a digital kitchen timer.
  • Choose an attractive design that matches your kitchen.
  • Pay attention to the material of the kitchen timer to avoid any surprises.
  • The number of minutes can differ per kitchen timer, look carefully at the picture.

Buy a kitchen timer

A kitchen timer is not only functional but now also beautifully designed. It is also a handy tool in the kitchen. You can easily buy a kitchen timer at Cookinglife. When you click on the relevant article, the delivery time will automatically be displayed.

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