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Pasta Drying Racks

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Pasta Drying Racks

To dry your freshly made pasta, a pasta drying rack is a handy tool. Cookinglife has various drying racks, including wood and plastic, that you can easily order online! Would you like to make an afternoon of pasta with the family? Afterwards, you can effortlessly dry your fresh lasagna, spaghetti or pappardelle with a pasta drying rack. This way you can enjoy your homemade pasta every evening!

Pasta drying rack wood or stainless steel

Cookinglife has various types of pasta drying racks in its range. We have traditional beechwood pasta drying racks for an Italian atmosphere in the kitchen. And our practical stainless steel pasta drying racks slide together quickly and are easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Pasta drying rack for drying pasta

With a view to longer shelf life, it is wise to use a pasta drying rack to dry your pasta. Hang your freshly prepared pasta over the pasta drying rack for two days and then store it in a sealable container. After an afternoon of making pasta, you can eat fresh pasta all week.

Pasta rotary clothesline

Strands of pasta dry faster if you can hang them evenly from each other. For that reason, a pasta rotary clothesline is a perfect purchase. Both the plastic and wood variants have a sturdy base. That way you can easily place the pasta rotary clothesline on your tidy tabletop or the dining table, wherever you have room for it. To scoop up your homemade pasta, you can use our handy spaghetti tongs. Are you cooking ready-made pasta but want to use measured quantities? Then view our practical spaghetti measures!

Buy pasta drying rack?

Online at Cookinglife, can quickly and affordably buy your pasta drying rack. In our webshop, you will find various products that are essential for making fresh pasta. In addition to our pasta drying racks, we also have multiple pasta machines and pasta machine attachments that you can make a wide assortment of pasta and spaghetti. And do you like to alternate with other pasta dishes? Then a high-quality ravioli maker handy! You can easily buy this together with your super handy pasta drying rack at Cookinglife.

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