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Jam Jars

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Jam Jars

Want to buy a jam jar? View the varying range on Cookinglife and buy the perfect jam jar for your jam!

Jam jars

Cookinglife's jam jars make it a lot easier to store and keep jam fresh. Cookinglife offers an extensive range of jam jars consisting of well-known brands such as Cosy & Trendy, Kilner and Westmark. The jam jars come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Cookinglife offers jam jars with a glass and aluminium lid in red and blue. The jam jars are ideal for filling with jam, but can also be used for various other purposes. They can be used as storage jars, decoration, drinking glass or for spices. Besides jam jars, Cookinglife also offers many other storage jars.

Make Jam

What could be more fun, healthier and tastier than making jam yourself? You can make the jam to your own taste and choice. Did you know that making your own jam is quite simple? For example, make strawberry or blackberry jam. Delicious! Tip: use a pan to make the jam and avoid splashing. It is also important that you use resealable jam jars. In this way, the homemade jam will have a longer shelf life and tastier.

Mason jar

A mason jar is such a jar that is very handy for storing jam. Also, the weck jar has a nice design. A preserving jar is extremely suitable for keeping different foods fresh and long-term storage. Are you looking for a small or large weck jar? With or without clip closure? You can find them all at Cookinglife!

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