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Jamie Oliver has known it for a long time. Once you've tasted homemade pesto you'll never want anything else. You can only make real Italian pesto with a handy pestle and mortar as a kitchen assistant.

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With a Cookinglife pestle and mortar, you can grind the ingredients for delicious homemade fresh pesto, curries, dressings and more. The multi-purpose pestle and mortar are one of the oldest kitchen tools and an ideal tool for crushing and grinding small quantities of spices, herbs, garlic, nuts, etc. This ensures an optimal release of flavour and aroma. For slightly coarser grit of nuts, a classic nutcracker comes in handy. You can order these together with your pestle and mortar at Cookinglife!

Mortar Granite

The granite pestle and mortar is recommended when grinding spices into powder because of the rough inside and pestle. You will get the best result by filling the mortar up to half with ingredients. When placing the mortar on your lap or a solid surface, you can apply force to the pestle, then push the pestle back and forth over the ingredients in the mortar until the mixture is the correct consistency.

Tip: Would you instead use a food processor for the difficult to grind herbs? At Cookinglife you can just as easily order a new nutmeg grinder or spice mills!

Pestle stone

Do you like to make fresh dressings, curries, guacamole or pesto? Then the stone pestle and mortar Recommended due to its smooth pestle and inside. After grinding your dry ingredients, you can add and mix the liquid ingredients, for example, for preparing sauces. A stone mortar is very easy to clean.

Cosy & Trendy pestle and mortar

You enjoy the delicious aromas that are released when you use your herbs bruises in a Cosy & Trendy pestle and mortar. This famous brand combines quality with a sleek environment and an affordable price. What do you think of a Cosy & Trendy pestle and mortar with a handy pouring spout? You don't have to use this, but you can! For example, you can quickly pour a marinade or your fresh pesto.

Pestle and mortar colours

Colourful assistants and accessories bring your kitchen to life. A pestle and mortar in the colours of the French brand Emile Henry adorn every kitchen worktop. The inside of the ceramic bowl is unpolished so that there is good friction between the pestle and the bottom. Ingredients such as fennel, cumin and cloves are happy to reveal all their secrets in an explosion of taste and smell. At Cookinglife you can buy a pestle and mortar for your kitchen easily and safely.

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