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Storage Jars

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Storage Jars

You open your bulging kitchen cupboard, and before you know it, the spaghetti is already on the floor. Do you recognize this? You can blame your spouse or children, or you can check out Cookinglife's range of handy storage jars for storing your food!

Keeps your food longer and keep it in a handy storage jar. Because the storage jars are airtight, odours and flavours are not lost. With the help of a storage jar, you also create an overview and make optimal use of the space in your kitchen cabinets.

Storage jar of pasta

You will find various storage jars in our range. You can easily store spaghetti in a long storage jar for spaghetti. These are available in the colours orange, green and fuchsia. This way, your spaghetti remains undamaged, and the taste is well preserved. In addition to spaghetti, you can also store your breakfast cereals or other pasta types in these handy high jars, so that they remain nice and crispy and have a good taste.

Glass storage jar

Storage jars are made of various materials, including glass. A glass storage jar has the advantage that the aromas of the ingredients do not settle on the glass. The glass storage jar can therefore be used for various ingredients without the old scents mixing with the new flavours. With glass storage jars, you can not only easily see how much content they have left, but they are also very beautiful to see.

Joseph Joseph Storage jar

At Cookinglife, you will find various kitchen accessories from Joseph Joseph. The Joseph Joseph duo always knows how to combine ease of use and design uniquely. In our collection, we have a Joseph Joseph storage jar in a set of 5 but also a set of 3 pieces. In these airtight storage jars, you keep your prepared and unprepared food fresh for longer.

Order the Joseph Joseph storage jars in our online cooking webshop now and take advantage of our competitive prices!

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