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Pasta & Pizza

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Pasta & Pizza

Attention lovers of Italian cooking! We have the right kitchen utensils in stock for making pasta and pizzas. A selection from our Pasta & Pizza assortment:

  • Pasta machine
  • Pasta machine attachments
  • Pasta drying racks
  • Pizza Scoops
  • Pasta sets

Pizza scoop

Cookinglife has a wide range of cooking and kitchen utensils for hobby chefs and professionals. A pizza scoop is also useful for home use. This will prevent the sauce from dripping over the grid!

Pizza tray

You can easily keep your oven clean if you bake your pizzas on the pizza trays. Or bake three pizzas at the same time with a pizza baking set. At Cookinglife you have a wide choice!

Pizza stone

Are you aiming for a pizza with the perfect, crispy crust? Then place a pizza stone in the oven, because it will pull the excess moisture out of the dough. This will give your favourite pizza a warm welcome!

Pizza cutter

A tough crust is no problem for the pizza slicer. This product is multifunctional and can also be used with a thin, savoury pie and delivered quickly at Cookinglife!

Pasta & buy pizza?

All different kinds of pasta can be made with Cookinglife products. Whether you want to make fresh ravioli or delicious spaghetti, lasagna, fettuccine or any pasta, you will find pasta machines and other utensils for making pasta here at Cookinglife.

Buy the professional cookware from pizza cutters to pasta spoons in our online cooking shop.

Pasta machine

There is no ready-made pasta that can compare with fresh pasta. With a pasta machine, you can easily make your lasagna, spaghetti or ravioli. The secret to the tastiest pasta is in its simplicity. Essential ingredients such as water, flour, dough, a pinch of salt and a splash of olive oil will go a long way.

Pasta machine attachment

Have you finished your lasagna and do you want to prepare your spaghetti for tomorrow? Then you exchange the attachment of the pasta machine. Cookinglife has attachments for various pasta that you can easily order separately!

Pasta drying rack

You can quickly dry your freshly prepared pasta with a pasta drying rack. There is room for each pasta string!

Ravioli maker

Ravioli is ready quickly if you use a pasta machine. Place the ravioli maker, and the work can start right away!

Spaghetti Spoon

Even scooping up smooth spaghetti is comfortable with our spaghetti spoons and spaghetti tongs from various brands such as WMF, Westmark and Cosy & Trendy. Choose real quality and competitively priced design!

Spaghetti measure

It's a shame to throw away half of your spaghetti after cooking. The spaghetti measures have multiple settings, for one, two, three or four adults!

Kitchen Utensils

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