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WMF is best known for the use of cromargan. This is a scratch and stainless steel that keeps your cutlery or kitchen utensils beautiful for longer. For example, you no longer have to polish your cutlery! Boil or bake your dish in one of the luxury WMF pans. Then set the table with a WMF cutlery set and your dinner or lunch will be a guaranteed success.

WMF Cutlery

Your dinner or lunch tastes even better with WMF cutlery. Just like the pans, the cutlery has endless advantages. WMF cutlery is made of the stainless steel cromargan protect. This makes the cutlery last a long time. Shiny cutlery stays shiny and matte cutlery keeps its matte finish.  We have not forgotten the little ones either. WMF children's cutlery is decorated with cheerful prints. With Princess Elsa or Cars on your cutlery, eating dinner becomes even more fun. To make it a real feast, there are also matching Disney plates and bowls made of porcelain.

WMF Cookware

WMF Cookware takes your cooking pleasure to the "next level". WMF Cookware has endless advantages. The pots and pans consist of stainless steel (18/10) cromargan. This makes them scratch and rust-free and therefore lasts a long time. A WMF pan can also be put in the dishwasher (except for the lid), without becoming dull. In addition, almost all WMF pans are suitable for any heat source. 

WMF Pressure Cooker

The WMF pressure cooker cooks at high temperatures and reliably builds up pressure. The WMF Pressure Cooker stands for quick and intelligent cooking and has an automatic steam release. Scaling on the inside makes measuring amounts easier. You can remove the lid for simple and easy cleaning.

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