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Happy with baking utensils

As a baking enthusiast, you can indulge yourself at Patisse. This Dutch brand has good quality baking tins and baking accessories at an affordable price. These have a handy non-stick coating so that your baking does not stick to the baking pan and is easy to clean. At Patisse, the choice is enormous. There are baking utensils in different shapes, sizes and materials. For example, make a biscuit from your dough on a steel Patisse baking tray or a delicious quiche in the silicone Patisse Quiche Pan. The Patisse small pancakes pan made of cast aluminium should not be missed. In short: if you're a cake maker or cookie baker you have to go to Patisse!

Patisse Springform

No messing around and messing around to get your cake out of the baking pan. With the Patisse springform tin, your cake will come off the bottom quickly. Flip open the handle to release the edge of the baking pan from the bottom. Put your cake away again? Place the edge around the base also and close it again. That's ideal, isn't it?! Patisse springforms consist of ECCS steel which ensures optimal heat conduction so that your dish will brown evenly. The non-stick coating ensures that your baking does not stick to the Patisse spring form when opening it. Patisse springforms are available in different sizes and shapes. This way you can make a suitable cake for any group, large or small.

Patisse Premium

For wow-effect turbans and black bakeware to suit any kitchen style, there's the Patisse Premium collection. The shapes from this Patisse Premium collection consist of high-quality material. For example, the bundt tins consist of heavy cast aluminium and the other Patisse Premium baking moulds of enamelled steel. These materials ensure optimal heat conduction. This makes your baking nice and even brown, and it comes out of the mould in more detail. Prefer a baking pan in a different colour? Take a look at the other Patisse collections.

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