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A well-known brand in the field of drinking glasses is Riedel. This originally Austrian family business is known for their high-quality glasses. These have been made for hundreds of years and have been continuously improved by innovations. For example, each type of wine needs a different glass to enjoy the optimal taste experience. Due to the distinctive shape of the glass, the taste of your wine is fully appreciated.

Riedel wine glasses

Riedel wine glasses are ideal for enjoying every type of wine. They are made of crystal glass. This ensures that the colour, brightness and consistency perfectly match your wine experience. In addition, crystal glass is very durable and ensures a long-lasting shine of the glass. The different shapes of the wine glasses provide the ultimate taste for any wine. At Cookinglife you can choose from various types of wine glasses, namely:

Tune carafe

If you regularly serve wine to your guests, a stylish Riedel carafe is indispensable in your collection. A carafe is a perfect addition to the table at a luxury dinner or drink. With a carafe, your set table will quickly look stylish. In our range, you can choose from various elegant shapes and types. You can choose between Riedel decanter carafes in the form of an apple or with a black tie. At Cookinglife you can find the perfect Riedel carafe for every occasion!

Riedel Vinum

The most comprehensive, successful and accessible series by Riedel is the Riedel Vinum series. This series has been produced since 1986 and has since changed the world of wine glasses. This series has been developed with great passion and is an attractive alternative to the handmade Sommeliers series. With this series, Riedel shows that a functional wine glass does not have to cost the main prize. Don't hesitate and buy wine glasses from the wildly popular Riedel Vinum series now! Also, please take a look at our range of the other Riedel series. For example, we have the Riedel O Wine, Riedel Veritas, Riedel Heart-to-Heart and Riedel Performance series in our field.

Buy Riedel glasses

As George J. Riedel said, "A day without a glass of wine is like a day without sunshine." At Cookinglife we ​​have an extensive range if you want to buy Riedel glasses. We are happy to offer you beautiful Riedel glasses so that you never have to experience a day without sunshine again. Also, all Riedel glass catering establishments are suitable. Are you interested in catering for suitable glasses? Then you can contact us! At Cookinglife you can buy not only Riedel glasses but also other wine glasses and glassware. Order today and take advantage of our fast delivery and competitive prices!

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